The February Sale is closed

You may view the knives from our February sale below, though they are no longer available.


225mm Copper Coffee Gyuto


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Copper bolsters, colombian coffeebag laminate handle, copper pins.

Notes: 223g. 50mm deep @ heel.

Sources: Steel - granite-cutting sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Copper - industrial scrap, Trenton, NJ.
Coffeebag - Jittery Joe's Roastery, Athens, Ga.

Price: $750

225mm Blackwood Aspen Burl Gyuto


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Blackwood ferrule, bronze spacer, aspen burl octagonal handle.

Notes: 158g. 47mm deep @ heel.

Sources: Steel - granite-cutting sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Bronze - drum cymbal, Goodwill find.
Aspen burl - the actual flames of the sun.

Price: $650

205mm Black Cherry Tapered Gyuto


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Brass faceplate, black-dyed cherry burl octagonal handle.

Notes: 127g. 45mm deep @ heel.

Sources: Steel - granite-cutting sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Cherry burl - Athens, Ga.                                                                                                     

Price: $600

200mm Integral Spalted Sugar Maple Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Leather and bronze spacers, spalted Sugar Maple handle.

Notes: 173g. 47mm deep @ heel. Comes with walnut saya from Wykwood.

Sources: Bronze - cymbal, Goodwill find.
Spalted Sugar Maple - gift from a friend, Vermont.

Price: $800

200mm Integral Black Maple Gyut0


Blade: 52100 @HRC 65.

Handle: Leather spacer

Notes: 141g. 51mm deep @ heel.

Sources: Maple burl - deep space / outer galaxies (I mean, look at it).

Price: $750