The April Sale is closed

The knives from the sale can be viewed below.

255mm Integral Black Cherry Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Leather and fiber spacers, black-dyed cherry burl handle.

Notes: 199g. 53mm deep.

Sources: Cherry burl - Athens, Ga.

Price: $1050

255mm Blackwood Copper Beech Gyuto


Blade: Disc harrow @HRC 64.

Handle: Blackwood faceplate, copper spacer, spalted copper beech octagonal handle.

Notes: 154g. 45mm deep. Built for a small hand.

Sources: Steel - Disc harrow, Royston, Ga.
Copper beech - fallen tree, Connecticut.

Price: $775

10" Integral Black Spalted Maple Chef


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Black-dyed spalted maple with brass spacer. Oval handle.

Notes: 234g. 52mm deep.

Sources: Spalted maple - Athens, Ga.                                                                                                  

Price: $1025

245mm Spalted Copper Beech Deep Gyuto


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Brass faceplate, octagonal copper beech handle.

Notes: 225g. 54mm deep.

Sources: Steel - granite-cutting sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Copper beech - Fallen tree, Connecticut.

Price: $875

240mm Aspen Burl Black Maple K-tip Gyuto


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Sapwood aspen burl ferrule, copper spacer, octagonal black-dyed maple burl handle.

Notes: 163g. 47mm deep.

Sources: Steel - Sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Aspel burl - Twin Lakes, Michigan.
Maple burl - Athens, Ga.
Copper - St. Udio, Athens, Ga.

Price: $700

240mm Integral Figured Walnut Damascus Gyuto


Blade: 52100 and 15n20 Damascus, average HRC 64.

Handle: Leather and copper spacers, westernized octagonal figured walnut handle.

Notes: 199g. 51mm deep.

Sources: Walnut - Oneta Woodworks, Athens, Ga.
Copper - St. Udio, Athens, Ga.

Price: $1850

235mm Integral Spalted Copper Beech Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Spalted copper beech.

Notes: 210g. 52mm deep.

Sources:  Copper beech - Fallen tree, Connecticut.

Price: $850