The March Sale is Closed

You may view the knives from our March sale below, though they are no longer available.

9.25" Spalted Sycamore Chef


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Octagonal integral spalted sycamore with copper and leather spacers.

Notes: 229g. 58mm deep.

Sources: Copper - St. Udio, Athens, Ga.
Sycamore - Water’s Edge Woods, Athens, Ga.

Price: $1125

235mm Walnut Gyuto


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Cotton fabric laminate faceplate, octagonal walnut handle.

Notes: 151g. 53mm deep.

Sources: Steel - reclaimed sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Walnut - Oneta Woodworks, Athens, Ga.
Cotton fabric - old work pants.

Price: $625

230mm Chachimbo Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Octagonal integral chachimbo with brass and leather spacers.

Notes: 189g. 52mm deep.

Sources: Chachimbo - gift from a friend, Costa Rica.

Price: $1025

230mm Cocobolo Deep Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Integral cocobolo handle with leather, copper, and blackwood spacers..

Notes: 210g. 56mm deep

Sources: Blackwood - reclaimed clarinet scrap, clarinet factory, Paris.
Cocobolo - customer gift.

Price: $1125

8.25" Sinker Cypress Chef


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Integral sinker cypress handle with fiber spacers.

Notes: 182g. 55mm deep.

Sources: Sinker cypress - Altamaha River, Ga, felled by Scottish immigrants in the 1700s.

Price: $800

8" Maple Copper Beech Chef


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Brass faceplate, black-dyed maple burl spacer, copper beech.

Notes: 183g. 50mm deep.

Sources: Steel - reclaimed sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Maple burl - Athens, Ga.
Copper beech - Connecticut.

Price: $625

200mm Cherry Burl Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Integral cherry burl with leather and copper spacers.

Notes: 148g. 47mm deep

Sources: Cherry burl - Athens, Ga.

Price: $875