The July Sale is Closed

You may view the knives from our July sale below, though they are no longer available. Thank you for looking!


210mm Maple gyuto


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Spalted maple ferrule, octagonal quilted maple handle.

Notes: 128g. 46mm deep.

Sources: Steel - Granite sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Maple ferrule - Cobb County, Ga road-widening project.
Quilted maple - Oneta Woodworks, Athens, Ga.

Price: $525

210mm service gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Copper faceplate, modern army uniform, vintage navy uniform, and burlap laminate.

Notes: 150g. 44mm deep.

Sources: Army and navy uniforms - gifts from customers.

Price: $600

210mm osage orange black cherry gyuto


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Osage orange ferrule, bronze spacer, black-dyed cherry burl octagonal handle.

Notes: 147g. 51mm deep.

Sources: Steel - Granite sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Bronze - cymbal, Goodwill.
Osage Orange - Oneta Woodworks, Athens, Ga.
Cherry burl - Athens, Ga.

Price: $575

8.25" Integral FLamed Maple deep Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Leather and copper spacers, flamed maple handle.

Notes: 194g. 57mm deep.

Sources: Maple - Athens, Ga.

Price: $875

8" integral american beech chef


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Leather and paper spacers, American beech handle.

Notes: 163g. 55mm deep.

Sources: American beech - Michigan.

Price: $750

200mm integral octagonal damascus heart pine gyuto


Blade: 52100, 15n20 Endgrain Damascus, average HRC 65.

Handle: Leather, copper, and paper spacers, heart pine octagonal handle.

Notes: 202g. 54mm deep.

Sources: Heart pine - Water's Edge Woods, Athens, Ga.

Price: $1500

8" Copper maple burl damascus chef


Blade: 52100, 15n20 Damascus, average HRC 65.

Handle: Copper faceplate and spacer, navy uniform laminate spacer, octagonal maple burl handle.

Notes: 150g. 50mm deep.

Sources:  Vintage navy uniform - gift from a customer.
Maple burl - Athens, Ga.
Copper - St. Udio, Athens, Ga.

Price: $1150