You may view the knives from the November sale below, though they are no longer available.

220mm Fine-Tipped Cherry Burl Gyuto


Blade: Reclaimed file @HRC 63.

Handle: Cocobolo ferrule, octagonal cherry burl handle.

Notes: 151g. 53mm deep @ heel.

Sources: File - Carrollton, Ga.
Cocobolo - Oneta Woodworks, Athens, Ga.
Cherry - Athens, Ga.

Price: $600

8.5" Pecan Purple Heart Chef


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Spalted pecan ferrule, octagonal purple heart handle.

Notes: 139g. 49mm deep @ heel.

Sources: Sawblade - granite sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Pecan - Winterville, Ga.
Purple Heart - gift from a friend.

Price: $575

8.25" Brass Black Cherry Chef


Blade: Sawblade @HRC 64.

Handle: Brass faceplate, octagonal black-dyed cherry burl handle.

Notes: 130g. 47mm deep @ heel.

Sources: Steel - granite sawblade, Elberton, Ga.
Cherry burl - Athens, Ga.                                                                                                      

Price: $600

8" Integral Barbed-Wire Cherry Chef


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Westernized octagonal barbed-wire cherry handle.

Notes: 135g. 52mm deep @ heel.

Sources: Barbed-wire cherry - Daniesville, Ga.

Price: $800

205mm Integral Spalted Pecan Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Leather and paper spacers, westernized octagonal spalted pecan handle.

Notes: 163g. 47mm deep @ heel.

Sources: Spalted pecan - Winterville, Ga.

Price: $800

8" Integral Walnut Chef


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Westernized octagonal walnut handle.

Notes: 140g. 47mm deep @ heel.

Sources: Walnut - Oneta Woodworks, Athens, Ga.

Price: $800

185mm Integral Heart Pine Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Leather and paper spacers, heart pine handle.

Notes: 167g. 50mm deep @ heel. Built for large-ish hand.

Sources:  Heart pine - Water's Edge Woods, Athens, Ga.

Price: $700

180mm Integral Flamed Maple Gyuto


Blade: 52100 @HRC 64.

Handle: Leather and brass spacers, flamed maple handle.

Notes: 157g. 48mm deep @ heel.

Sources:  Maple - our property, Arnoldsville, Ga.

Price: $775