We offer our knives in two ways:

1) Our custom process entails having a detailed conversation in order to tailor the knife to your hand and use. To begin the custom order process, a $100 customization cost secures your place on our custom order list. We update the length of our custom wait time here. This the customization cost is per order, not per knife and will be in addition to the final cost of the knife or knives that you design. Luke and David will then get in touch to begin designing your knife with you. 

If, after paying the custom fee, you ultimately decide not to put in an order with us, this fee is completely refundable.

2) On the first Monday of each month at noon EST, we have a sale of 20-25 knives using a lottery system. At noon EST, we will send out a link to the sale to our newsletter subscribers. The sale will be open from 12:00pm - 8:00am EST, during which time you can submit your email address for as many knives as you would like. We will then randomly select a customer who will receive first right of purchase for each knife (one knife per customer), and we will contact the winners the following day. 

We do not keep knives in stock for immediate sale.


Chef:  $550-$800+
Sujis and Slicers: $400-$800+
Petty: $375-$550+
Paring: $300-$350+
Hunting and Work:  $375-$550+

These prices are based on edge length, and then vary depending on handle build and design. They do include the customization fee (described above). 

Pricing for specific knives is available upon request. Email us here with any questions. We look forward to working with you!