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Garden & Gun (March 2019)

Photo: Johnny Autry

Photo: Johnny Autry

“Why Every Southern Chef Needs a Japanese-Style Nakiri Knife”

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AthensMade (December 2018)

“The Sharpest Knives in the Drawer”

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Gear Patrol (June 2017)

"The following is a compilation of our own personal Grail items that, perhaps in our wildest dreams, we might procure one day in the hopes that they could be passed along to future generations."


Bloomberg Business (November 2015)

"Meet the science nerds in Georgia who re-forge abandoned scrap metal into blades with a multi-year waiting list." (Text and 11 minute video linked below).


Bloomberg Pursuits (June 2015)

"Luke Snyder and David Van Wyk, the pair behind Bloodroot Blades, make one-of-a-kind knives that are very, very sharp."

Forbes (June 2015)

"There is nothing disposable about what they make – [Bloodroot Blades] take[s] other stuff that people are ready to throw away and they’ll reimagine it into a knife that will ultimately be in your family forever."

"Acclaimed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock captures the struggles and triumphs of five modern artisans who vary by trade but share a passion to create."

Epicurious (April 2015):

" [Bloodroot Blades] custom-make every element of their knives—steel, balance, materials, weight, grind—to the way each individual customer cooks."

T Magazine (November 2014):

"A crop of one-of-a-kind knife makers are taking a stand against mass-produced cutlery, bringing an ancient art form into the modern-day home and kitchen."

Bon Appétit (October 2014):

"Van Wyk and Snyder could wax poetic about why they make good knives out of an old shed a stone’s throw away from the house, but perhaps the most succinct explanation is that a good knife is essential to the lifestyle they want to lead—and a work-from-home-in-the-country situation is, too."

Second Article:

"Bloodroot Blades consists of the duo of Luke Snyder and David Van Wyk. They work with a lot of recycled materials, forging automotive leaf springs and lumbermill saw blades into blades for your kitchen. They will also use recycled flooring, reclaimed antler, and laminated burlap bags for handle materials. The resulting knives are clean and beautiful, but with a much more personal flair than your typical custom."

Gizmodo (December 2013):

"Bloodroot Blades consists of the duo of Luke Snyder and David Van Wyk. They work with a lot of recycled materials, forging automotive leaf springs and lumbermill saw blades into blades for your kitchen. They will also use recycled flooring, reclaimed antler, and laminated burlap bags for handle materials. The resulting knives are clean and beautiful, but with a much more personal flair than your typical custom."

The Seed and Plate (December 2013):

"Luke and David make beautiful knives. They forge their knives by hand using recycled and found steel for the blades. The double b that adorns their work stands for both a commitment to a quality product and a respect for the land and resources used. Plus, they offer unconditional, lifetime warranty and free maintenance on all of their fine tools." (Write Up Via Social Media)

Garden and Gun (August 2013):

"Georgia-based Bloodroot Blades crafts its Sawyer knife from 100 percent salvaged material, including spalted pecan, American walnut, and carbon steel. It’s a precision tool made for cleaning birds and trout, or for skinning deer."

Southern Living (June 2013):

"These artisanal blades, made from recycled metals found at junk yards and flea markets, come in array of options–from hatchets to steak knives. Thus, making them equally well-suited for outdoor lovers and kitchen enthusiasts alike."

Procured Design (May 2013):

"Among other miscellany, the duo specializes in crafting a wide range of one-of-a-kind cooking and utility knives. Yet their story is not so much what they make, but how they do it."

Martha Stewart Living (May 2013):

"Luke Snyder and David Van Wyk are the rare team creating artisanal knives that are easy on the eye and for the chore of chopping a mirepoix." (May 2013 Print Issue)

Food and Wine (May 2013):

“There’s a story to each knife,” says Snyder. “You’re cutting vegetables with a Volkswagen and a handle made from your grandpa’s old jeans.” (May 2013 Print Issue)

Athens Banner-Herald (March 2013):

"Metal clanks on metal. The steel glows red. The hammer strikes throw sparks."

Southern Living (April 2013):

"Because they're both avid hunters and home cooks, Luke and David make sure their knives offer superb function as well as beautiful form." (April 2013 Print Issue)

Men's Gear (January 2013):

"No culinary wizard is fulfilled without a set of exceptional kitchen knives, but sometimes you want some character with your quality."

Food & Wine Editor's Choice (December 2012): 

F&W market editor Suzie Myers spends all year styling shoots and hunting for accent pieces. Here, her favorite finds of 2012.

Creative Loafing (October 2012):

"...for the most part, Southern knifemakers happily seem to avoid thinking about chefs, leaving that to the Germans and the Japanese who dominate the world of kitchen knives. Athens, Ga.'s Bloodroot Blades is an exception."

Design Sponge (July 2012):

"Objects that combine superior form (beauty), function (durability, design, ease of use) and story (where, how, and why they are made) are real gems in our world of stuff and deserve celebrating, which is why I’m excited to share these beautiful handmade knives from Bloodroot Blades."

Beauty Everyday (September 2012):

"Not only was I taken by the rustic beauty of each hand-crafted knife, but the process and story of each knife is so inspiring."

Gessato Blog (August 2012):

"Bloodroot Blades...come with a heartwarming friendship story."


Pilgrim Blog - Paige French (July 2012):

"It was beautiful to see [Bloodroot Blade's] handmade, carefully-constructed knives used to prepare such an intentionally curated meal."


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So I have had my knife for about a month and I just wanted to let you know how absolutely beyond happy I am. The more I use it the more I love it. I could not have thought up a knife with better balance and weight. The looks of it are just what I asked for and more. The weekend after I got the knife I had some friends over for dinner and cigars. A buddy of mine, L. used to work at Prune Restaurant in NYC and he and I did a homemade Mexican feast from pork to beef to seafood and all sort of roasted salsas etc. L’s words to me were “this is the greatest knife I have ever held.” He is now kicking himself for not ordering a knife when I did. For me the 3+ years was well worth it.
— Anonymous

I also attached a pic of the cimeter you made for me. When I buy knives, I am fine with spending money as I am looking for something that will do its job well, last a life time, and just handle its job. I recently had to clean 50 pounds of femurs for bone marrow. I’m talking scraping the bones and hacking at them with the cimeter. Its the knife I had with a comfortable length and a sharp enough edge. I thought for certain it was going to chip on me. After I was done, not a single scratch, no rolls, nothing. It was still sharp enough to shave my leg hairs (I took a picture to prove it) afterwards. To say that your work is quality and the best knives I have ever used (and that’s including the couple of _____ that I used that chef friends with too much money on their hands bought) is an understatement.
— R.P.

My knife arrived back in December, but just after I had left the US to visit family back in the UK over the holiday period.
I’ve just arrived home and started to handle and use it for the first time. WOW! (I got home at 1.30am last night and couldn’t help but unwrap it and have a good look!)

It feels amazing in the hand - so light in comparison to other knives I have...nimble and at the same time far sturdier - if that makes sense. And on top of that, it is astoundingly beautiful. Perhaps I will send you a photo a year down the line.

I just wanted to let you know it arrived safely and is already well loved. I am smitten for sure. I’ll be saving up to get back on your waiting list.

Keep doing what you all do.
— T.B.
I just wanted to say the knife is even more beautiful in person and can’t wait to put it to use! From one maker to another, I really appreciate the care and quality that goes into the craftmanship of such a gorgeous tool. Also I love your care-package with care instructions and packaging, it is very nice.

Keep up the great work!
— Anonymous

I just received my order of a 10 inch German style knife 3 days ago and all I can say is wow! I knew it would be nice, and I knew it would work, but I had no idea just how perfect a knife could be. You guys are true craftsmen. First, the knife is amazing to look at. It is unlike any knife I have ever seen. If it didn’t have a job to do I could hang it on the wall. The performance, however, is why I truly love this knife. As a chef I need tools that can perform, last, and take anything a kitchen can dish out. In the short time I have had it I know this is my go-to knife for everything. The balance is perfect, the blade is shaped just right for my style, and the handle fits in my hand like it has been there forever. My cuts are effortless and true, making my job easier and faster. I just want to say thank you and that you did an amazing job, truly. And I dare say, based on the reactions from my fellow chefs, you might be getting a few more orders. Thank you again.
— Walter

The knife came today and I couldn’t be happier with it. The fit of the handle and the design of the blade is just perfect. The saya is perfect. I burned through every shallot I had at the house and I’m very very excited to see how it feels at work tomorrow.

Thank you so much for being so accommodating in the design. To say it is well worth the wait is an understatement. I’m so excited to have a piece of work in which the skill of the craftsmen is clearly evident from the first cut. You guys are doing something really special and I look forward to see where Bloodroot Blades heads in the future. You can be sure that I’ll be ordering another piece when the itch needs a scratch. 

Cheers, and thanks again!!
— Jeremy

Just wanted to let you know I received the slicer you crafted for me a couple of months ago. It is fantastic. I have had the chance to use it on a variety of foods and it performs fantastically. The look a feel are exactly what I wanted and the fit and finish are absolutely perfect (the handles are in perfect alignment with the tang so there is no rubbing. The edge is beautiful and it is a joy to use and look at, not to mention it creates beautiful finished dishes.

As a long time professional Chef at 4 and 5 star restaurants and a purchaser of other custom culinary blades. I can say without a doubt that Bloodroots Blade’s are the most excellent custom knives I have worked with. To top it off the ordering process was so smooth, quick and personal that it made the whole process a pleasure that is remembered each time I pick up the blade.
— Jordan

Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for the work you put in to making me such a beautiful and functional tool. It’s absolute perfection and looks just as beautiful. I’m so stoked to be able to put it to use. All of the other cooks were smitten as well and were talking about your work long after you left. I fully expect there to be several forthcoming orders for other knives. I know several ideas for handles, etc. have been kicked around quite a bit. I hope it all comes to fruition with the same excitement and energy that they all shared for the remainder of our night.

Also, thanks so much for taking on the task of repairing my other two knives. I look forward to getting them back and in the rotation once again.
— Anonymous

Hey fellas.

Just dropping you a note to let you know how the knife has continued to work out. Not long ago, we stopped using halibut (seasonality and fishery management reasons) and replaced it instead with black grouper. Once more, the knife has performed flawlessly. More than that, it continues to stay sharp for at least two weeks at a time (requiring just honing prior to putting it to work) Today we started getting in sturgeon. While it’s not something I’m familiar with breaking down, I’ll get my first go at it tomorrow and expect nothing less than what I’ve experienced so far. I love taking the knife out of the bag almost as much as I enjoy using. It’s just beautiful...
— Anonymous

My brother in-law gave me one of your chef knives as a gift. It is now my most precious possession. Now that I have tried carbon steel, there’s no going back to stainless— I’ve all but abandoned my 12 inch forshner (which I’ve had for 25 years)

Thanks for making an amazing knife.
— Bruce