Carving Set

I did my first carving fork recently, which was a lot of fun. Below is the set. Both were forged from vintage car coil springs (not all of which are good cutlery steel- test before you use!) and are integral design, meaning that the whole knife was shaped from one piece of steel, including the bolsters. This is a method that takes a good deal of forging skill to do by hand. Both of these pieces were forged to almost exactly what you see, the grinder only used to take off forge scale, polish, and sharpen. The customer requested a twist in the fork, which turned out quite nicely. The blade of the knife is 11" long with a long, even distal taper, good edge geometry, and is hardened at HRC 60.5. Rounded spine and choil, this knife is smooth and comfortable with no exposed joints. 

Custom stamping of the customer's initials, sharing their center line.