A New Layer

David has been working overtime this week making his handmade coffeebag laminates from Charlie's coffeebags at Jittery Joes coffee roastery. Charlie helped us identify the bags and their sources from coffee producers all over the world, which I think is cool as can be. No longer is it "light" or "dark" color bags, it's a piece of Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, or Indonesia.  

From top to bottom: Indonesia (cherrypicking the green stripe in the bag), Ethiopia (with a wild texture), Indonesia (rich brown with purple lettering), Colombia, and at bottom, Brazil, done-up with a black-dyed resin. 


These knives were purchased for the faculty of a cooking school by the dean, a returning customer. Honesuki-style petties in a variety of profiles, Western grinds and sharpening (50/50), all at 61-62 HRC, three from reclaimed "waste" files and two from a reclaimed old lumbermill circular saw blade. 

This is what the Brazilian bag looks like without dyed resin:

Thanks Charlie. 

Thanks Jordan. 

David, you rock.