Getting ready for the Farmer's Market this weekend

It's been a full week. David picked up a 300lb Peter Wright anvil and a post vise for me in NC and we've been doing some rearranging in the shop as well as working on orders and stock. Our second weekend at the Athens Farmer's Market is this Saturday and we're looking forward to having some time to man the booth and chat with local folks. Here's a picture of the new anvil. Luckily neither of us developed hernias getting it out of the trunk of his Camry (that it fit in that car with the post vise and without damaging it is a testament to Toyota and impressive to say the least).


I've gotten a chance to finish up a few orders and knives for Saturday and have several others in process that I hope to complete tonight and tomorrow. Here are a few of the recent ones.

The top paring and santoku are sold, but the other three are for this weekend. The petty is a traditional Japanese design with a piece of buffalo horn I won in "iron in the hat", a Georgia Custom Knifemaker's Guild tradition and zebrawood handle, finished to be octagonal. Very thin, very sharp. The one below it would be a good paring or garlic knife, but could also be a skinner or utility I suppose. It will probably get a mustard patina as I like the dark blade with the light coffeebag contrast. The tomahawk is a nice piece and would make a great throwing or trail hawk. Hickory handle is flame hardened and oiled. Vinegar patina on the head brings out the quench line and ages the piece. Zone tempered and seriously sharp. 

A closeup of the petty with the buffalo horn ferrule. Our signature stamping might go away as we're starting to work together more closely, but we'll still do it if you specifically request a knife from one of us. 


Heres a picture of the paring knife highlighting the darkened steel and light coffeebag. Quite pretty. I put steel pins on this one so that they could be patina'd too. The hammer is a really nice 2.5lb I picked up at the J&J fleamarket last weekend and is already one of my favorites- after refitting and reshaping, the handle is perfect and feels great. I have a deep appreciation for good hammers. 

We hope to see some of you this weekend at the AFM. Bring knives you want repaired or sharpened as well!