We have a third child on the way and our other two are miserable with a stomach bug- that makes 3 nauseated housemates! I have had little time to be in the shop or work on posts, but I finally took some pictures tonight of some of my recent work. 


All but the 12" cimeter are custom orders. I have several more that just need handles, which I'll post on soon. The cimeter is one I'm particularly proud of as it's very thin and very straight, light, comfortable to hold and perfectly balanced. I love this knife. The wood is two-tone Pau Rosa- very dense and oily with beautiful luster and variation. The skinner on the bottom and the chef on top are from the same piece of wood. 


Below are some closeups of the chef on the top of the first picture. The filemarks came out really nicely on this piece.


An 8" tapered with shipwreck copper bolsters. This is a thin and beautifully balanced knife. One of my favorites to date. The mottling in the handle from the gray lettering on the coffeebag practically required me to do a patina. I love dark blades with the light burlap Jittery Joes coffeebag handles. 


The other big chef knife in the bunch was for a customer who requested a very specific build. He is left handed and among other design features specifically requested an assymetrical handle to certain dimensions. The blade is very unusual as well with a deep blade with a finger indention, completely flat belly and spearpoint tip. Below is a picture of the assymetrical handle.