Poultry Destroyers





Thanks to Eddie and Matt from Coterie and Tie for helping to design these little scalpels. L6 sawblade steel is tough at Rc 63-64, which allows us to convex these puppies to a super-thin edge for obscene cutting efficiency and edgeholding even when contacting bone. Thin and long handles provide excellent control and reach. I have a version of one of these that I butchered a whole deer with this weekend. I could still easily shave afterward. My only complaint with large-animal butchery was that the thin handle did not provide enough leverage to easily split the sternum, but with everything else it excelled and was so small and light in my pocket as to hardly be noticed. A lot of cutting power in a small package. These would also make great trout and bird knives. These two were for Matt and Eddie as a thank you for their feedback on our knife designs and sport oak-burl and ebony handles. Both knives were a collaborative effort by David and I.