Marching into February

Dear Friends,

After five months of January, it's finally February, which means it's almost March, which means it's almost spring! If you've been following along in our newsletter for awhile, you know that that's gardening time, and I am so excited to get all my seed catalogues out and go to town! Johnny's Seeds and Bakers Creek are my long time favorites, but I just learned about Uprising Seeds and am stoked to try them out this year. The broccoli we planted in our fall garden is coming along nicely and the daffodils around the land have started blooming!

And in other news, because David and I are completely ridiculous and think we are still full of energy, we got a puppy :) Meet Nicholas, Bloodroot's newest member:


I figure no one hates puppy pictures, so there he is. He really is the sweetest - a lil 3-month-old beagle baby from Atlanta Beagle Rescue. We're so happy to have him. My cats are super mad, but they'll come around :)

Ok, enough about puppies and gardens and such. Bloodroot has had a great start to the year! Part of that great start was our finding out that our collaboration with SingleThread on their steak knives was nominated for Collaboration of the Year by the World Restaurant Awards! We were thrilled! After the initial list of twenty nominees, we made it to the top five, and the winner will be picked in Paris on February 18th! Not that we'll be in Paris, but that doesn't matter.


photo cred: SingleThread Farms

For a cold February, that nomination makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Much love to you all,


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