A brief tour of the new space.

1 Building Front.jpg

We have teamed up with our good friend Paige French over the past months and done a couple of projects to document our new shop and surroundings. She and her husband John and their wonderful family have meant a great deal to us and have been some our biggest supporters and cheerleaders.

Paige has a wonderful eye for the moment-in-image and seems to capture the everyday objects that regularly surround Luke and me with a view that helps me be more mindful of the 'ordinary.' 

Entering the main doors and looking straight ahead: our two anvils. 

The Peddinghaus that my father gave me

3 Anvil.jpg

and the Soderfors with which Luke and his father started their adventures in smithing. 

3 Anvil (1).jpg

Forges and grinders to the left:


On the right, the drill press and doorway to the handling room.

4 drill press and doorway.jpg

Our current best friend.

5 our friend the stove.jpg

Below the shop, we have been in the process of clearing out some of the undergrowth and marveling at the 'hidden' oaks.

6 Below the Shop.jpg

It has been a great deal of work to get here. But I think that we are going to stay for quite a while...