Sourcing materials and recent developments

I haven't completed many knives over the last few weeks, but we've been productive in other ways. This new website has been awesome thanks to Eric and Nancy and I'm so glad it's finally published! My main grinder has been broken down, but it has now been replaced with one that should last the rest of my life and increase my efficiency and quality- the KMG of Beaumont Metal Works. After painting and wiring it all I'm waiting for are the belts which will hopefully come today. I have a stack of orders ready to provide the maiden voyage. 

Another interesting note is that I received more information about the shipwreck copper and brass that a recent friend has been giving us. I have been forging down 7/8" copper rod from this wreck for bolsters and have some brass rod and plate for bolsters and guards as well. This is a knife with the copper bolsters. 

The shipwreck is the remains of the Greek ship Kassandra Louloudis, sank by the German U-boat U124 in the spring of 1942 off the NC coast. The ship was carrying a load of train rails and copper and brass rod, among other cargo.  If you would like to see some pictures of the wreck you can check it out HERE. What they label "rebar and steel" and "pipe" are all copper and brass. Since these pictures were taken a large private salvage ship has cleaned out the site, finishing the work of small-time salvage divers like my friend that have been picking at the wreck for the last 30 years. 

The brass and copper has a skin of corrosion from sitting in saltwater for the last 60+ years, but it's damaged remarkably little. When put in the forge the copper oxidation colors the flame a brilliant green, just like you may remember from high school chemistry class. 

Recycling is too cool.