A few just made


An 11" tapered chef for a displaced Athenian. I hope you enjoy it! Differentially hardened sawblade steel. Jittery Joes coffeebag handle. Black bolsters and brass pins. Thin and well balanced. 

Anther picture of the 11 inch monster. 



An 8" tapered chef with Jittery Joes coffeebag and shipwreck copper on left. On right is a 8.5" petty/protein knife with the same handle but black canvas Micarta bolsters. These both feel great in the hand and balance immediately at the bolster/blade junction. 

Every knife gets better than the last as I learn to push the envelope with edge geometry and dial in the balance right where I want it. Practice makes perfect I suppose. You all seem to be homing-in on the coffeebag-handled tapered profiles. Very functional and a great aesthetic, I applaud you. 


Another picture of the petty. Sleek. Good idea Jordan.