Petty and Utility

I designed this knife for Nancy of Cork and Key and Coterie and Tie. She wanted a Santoku that was a combination of a rocker and a chopper. The knife is balanced on the leather spacer, so it is good for a cook who does most of her work holding the handle and occasionally uses a pinch-grip.

Jittery Joe's coffee bags, scrap leather and brass, blade from a sawblade salvaged in Farmington, GA.


I made this knife for Bud of Upland Leather. His requests: short blade, straight spine, and a tear-drop handle.

The handle is a Jittery Joe's bag with a finer weave, the leather a scrap from his shop in Bishop, GA, the blade a file from a scrap-yard in Austell, GA, and the brass is from a shipwreck--aargh.  He's making the sheath.